Giethoorn With Loved Ones!

Planning a family trip in Netherlands? Head over to Giethoorn! It’s a small scenic village in Netherlands with plenty of activities for the whole family. Our age groups ranges from 1-year-old to 69-year-old, so it is indeed great for everyone!

However, if you do plan to enjoy all the beautiful sceneries, we would highly suggest you to bring strollers for the the little ones, and wheelchair for the senior citizens who are easily tired / legs problem. It’s because the scenic walking route is quite far for them.

While you’re there, rent a boat trip for the whole family to enjoy! Our boat were quite big to fit everyone, and Kak Fay was really brave to be the captain. Well done!

Just remember these boats don’t have breaks, especially the big ones are hard to stop. So just ignore those people who stares at your big boat that happens to bump everywhere, and enjoy the fun!