Europe Trip Day 1 Part 2 – London

Hi Everyone!

In our last post, we had shared some of the pictures taken when we had our Emirates Stadium Tour. Before we start to continue sharing pictures of the rest of our Day 1 London tour, let us share a bit on how we booked our stadiums tickets.

Well, as all of you would have known by now, Yusof is a big football fan. Yusof’s favourite is actually Manchester United, but the rest of his family supports Arsenal. So we decided to visit both stadiums.

We initially planned to book the tickets separately at the respective teams’ websites, but then we found this great website called Visit Britain Shop ( – the site where we also mentioned in our previous post that you can buy your Oyster card).

No price reductions, however (we had searched the internet extensively for a discounted entrance fees to both stadium). Prices were standard, no matter where you buy it. Only thing you gain when you buy at Visit Britain Shop is the convenience of buying them at one place! Not to mention you can also search for other places entrance tickets (together with promotional prices, if available). We would highly suggest this website if you do plan to buy any entrance tickets in the UK.

Enough said on this, let us now share with you the pictures of the rest of our Day 1 trip!

big ben

Us, in front of the House of Parliament, its clock tower is also famously known as Big Ben. It was raining and traffic jam, so ignore the background 😛

London Eye

Shafa in front of the London Eye. Also still raining, but Shafa didn’t mind being drenched.

Buckingham Palace

Yusof, Shafa & Bang Shah (Shafa’s brother), getting all happy wefie-ing in front of the Buckhingham Palace. With the hope of bumping into any of the royalties, but no luck.

Well, we do plan to upload more pictures in this post, but something went wrong. They couldn’t be uploaded! We will continue again in the next post. Till then!

Europe Trip Day 1 Part 1 – Emirates Stadium (Arsenal)

It’s been a month since we arrived London, and we just want to start writing about our 1st day there. Sigh, we were too busy with work when we got back, but we vow to not let that be in our way!

Our 1st visit on September 15, 2015 was to the Arsenal stadium. It was drizzling that day, but we were too excited to be down about it!


That’s Yusof with Shafa’s brother proudly standing in front of the stadium (with umbrellas :p)


Yusof landing his hand to save Thierry Henry from being drenched.


Yusof getting his photography inspiration. Football is his passion! 🙂


“One day, I’ll be one of them” probably the voice in Yusof’s mind? :p


Shafa enjoying her visit. She had no idea who were those guys, she only chose based on looks :p


Yusof’s favourite player in Arsenal. 🙂


Shafa’s getting all energetic!


Somebody’s having press conference :p


“Let’s go and play at the field! Who cares about the rain”.


The MOST epic picture. Arsenal’s future manager. He he.

All in all, it was a great Arsenal stadium self tour with audio guide. Worth the £20 paid. 🙂

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