Top 5 Things To Do In Brussels & Bruges

Planning for a short trip to Brussels and Bruges? Here are what we would recommend for a 2 days 1 night trip!

1. Frederick Blondeel

We know, many Malaysians would’ve visited Godiva and the likes, but Frederick Blondeel is said to serve one of the best hot chocolates in town!

When we were there, we saw the long queue for the ice cream, so we decided to try the ice cream instead. They were awesome!

Aydeen, however, did not know how to “taste” the ice cream, so he decided to eat the whole ice cream and cried (or should we say scream) when it’s finished. Oh well.

2. La Grande Place

This is a must-visit place in Brussels! La Grande Place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here, you may find the Town Hall and many souvenir & collectible shops, including Hard Rock cafe & Starbucks (yes, we are Starbucks collectors).

3. Minnewater

Sadly, this is the place that we were not able to visit, due to time constraint. But then again, there are loads of canals in Bruges (including our AirBnB stay) , so we’re not missing much 🙂

What makes Minnewater special is the story behind it. Minnewater is also known as the Lake of Love. The nickname comes from a story of a girl name Minna who died trying to escape from an arranged marriage into the arms of her lover Stromberg. Local legend says that lovers who cross the lake’s bridge will experience eternal love.

We were planning to try our luck on eternal love there. He he. Just kidding. Eternal love is gained by your deeds & efforts, not by visiting places, eh? 🙂

4. The Markt Square

This is the place to be in Bruges! The Markt Square is full of history. The most striking building is without any doubt, the Belfry. If you would like to know about the history of Bruges, you may also visit the Historium!

5. Try the famous Belgian Fries and Mussels!

Belgium is famous for its Belgian fries (they even have a museum for it) and mussels. While you’re there, why not head over to any restaurant or cafes, and try these out? You will definitely love them! 🙂

Hope these recommendations will ease your planning. Have fun on your short Brussels and Bruges trip!