The FuelPlus Experience

Hi hello everyone!

How has your new year been? Ours is getting pretty hectic – with a lot of events, reviews & meetings, we have been delaying our blog posts for quite some time. Now, we’re back on track!

In today’s post, we would like to review our experience of using the product FuelPlus. It’s our first time using this product, and of course, Yusof is the one who’s testing it, because he is an expert on cars & fuel consumptions (at least between the two of us 😉).

In this picture, JenjalanKami is with Muhammad Haniff Ibrahim – the CEO of CQ Bio Energy Sdn Bhd who owns the FuelPlus brand. He was briefing us about the product and how to use it, and we have been reminding him, if we hate the product, we’ll tell people about it. And he’s cool with that, he surely was very confident with his product!

That two boxes in the picture look like cigarettes boxes, but they are actually the packaging of FuelPlus! Unique, isn’t it? And that uniqueness is the reason why the people at the table beside us enquire about it and ended up buying the product (he was a total stranger to all of us – we seriously need to learn Haniff’s art of closing sales)!

Enough introduction, let’s talk about the product review itself.

This is Yusof’s Persona car’s reading before using FuelPlus. Aside from travelling as a JenjalanKami traveller, Yusof also travels everyday to customers’ factories for his day job.

If full tank and for a mixed use of city (traffic jam) and highway (constant speed), the fuel can go for about 400 kilometres.

This is the full tank, which Yusof had added FuelPlus. He set the mileage to detect how many kilometres the car can go with full tank when added FuelPlus.

And… Taa-daa! This was the result – an extra 56.7 kilometres with full tank when using FuelPlus! Same usage as previously – he traveled in the city & highways. Amazing, isn’t it?

Based on the above calculation, Yusof had saved 14.15% when using FuelPlus! Imagine the savings if you religiously use this product!

But of course, different people will have different results. As Yusof quoted, “eventually what matters the most when trying to have a better fuel consumption is the driver’s right foot”!

We hope this post will help you in making your decision whether or not to buy FuelPlus. Share us your experience, if you’re already using!