How To Have A Remarkable Keukenhof Gardens Visit

Visit to the Netherlands is incomplete without Keukenhof Gardens. It is the most popular place among tourists, and you really have to plan ahead if you want to visit this place. Below are the tips that would help your visit.

1. Consider strollers for children & wheelchair for senior citizens

Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, is one of the world’s largest flower gardens. It is so large, it provides you with map for you to plan your visit. Since we have a senior citizen without wheelchair (it’s fully booked!), we need to cut our journey short. It’s still beautiful, though!

2. Book your ticket & pay your parking online

We’re serious when we said it’s popular among tourists. Thank God we bought everything online! The only downside was that we travelled by car, and the que was SUPER LONG during exit. It was about 2 hours getting out of the car park!!!

Alternatively, you may consider getting to Keukenhof by bus. It is accessible by bus from train stations of Haarlem, Leiden & Schiphol.

3. Plan your trip between mid-March to mid-May

Keukenhof is open annually between these period. We did not do our research well back in 2015, where we paid Netherlands a visit during September. Lesson learnt, we planned our trip on April for the year 2018!

Better still, plan your visit there during the Flower Parade (which we missed). Surely a whole lot fun!

4. Expect variety of gardens, not long field of tulips

The Keukenhof features a variety of different gardens and garden styles. The map provided will show you exactly the location of each garden, so plan your walking tour beforehand!

However, it doesn’t contain the long fields of tulips many visitors expect. We know a lot of tourists expected this, because we were one of them. Ha ha!

There are tulips fields outside the Garden (mostly privately owned). There are even some that can be seen from the Garden, though the view is quite far. These fields may have restricted access and are not included as part of the Keukenhof ticket.

5. Best place to picnic!

Keukenhof Gardens has a lot of stalls, but just imagine the sea of people swarming the area! Plus, it is quite limited choices for us Muslims, so we decided to picnic. There are a lot of free space where we can sit around with our family and enjoy our food!

Enjoy your Keukenhof visit!