London Journey Plan

And so our Europe travel began in London. We took the tube (Piccadilly line) to Shafa’s brother’s house in Wood Green. The area was reachable by Piccadilly line, so no train change needed!

Of course, we use Oyster card in our London travels to enjoy cheaper rate & price caps (refer TFL website for details). The card can be bought from the airport train station. Just ask anyone, they’ll guide you.

Alternatively, you can buy it online (we prefer to shop for UK tickets at – it’s a one stop centre). You can key in your departure date, they’ll make sure to deliver the card to you on time. Only downside, you’ll have delivery charges (in British Pound). You can gauge & decide whether you want to be worry free and have the card before your journey or just buy it at Heathrow airport. We’re sure Malaysians will do the latter, considering our currency against GBP. 🙂


In any case that your destination is using another line, be sure to check out the London tube map. You can view the map at TFL website, also they will have a journey planner at their website.

Alternatively, you can download an app called London Journey Planner. But personally, our favourite app is called FetchMyWay (for Android) & Rome2Rio (for iOS). It will literally gets you from anywhere to anywhere (it doesn’t necessarily have to be station names), with details on costs & timing. Also there are options of different transportation alternatives (including walking!). Below are some screenshots of the app:






That’s all for our tips on London journey plan. See you in next entry!

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To London with Love

Hey there!

We’ve been so busy with our travels, that we just had time to update our blog. It will be quite a work to remember our journey for the past 1 week, but we’ll try!

We had our Kuala Lumpur – London flight on Tuesday, 15th September 2015 at 11.05 pm. It was a long day for Shafa at work and a slow day for Yusof at work, so we both were excited by the time we reached the airport!


We boarded British Airways. The flight was on time and the journey was smooth, though there were some bumpy rides along the way.

Service was good on board the plane. There was a halal menu selection for Muslims! 🙂 However, we (Shafa specifically) were quite disappointed that BA did not provide any pillow neck. Only the small, quite hard, pillow was provided. Movies on board were average.

This was Yusof’s first long distance flight, so Shafa gave some good advice on how to avoid jet lag, i.e. sleep following destination time. Turns out Shafa sleeps first before Yusof, and before the planned time! :p

We arrived London Heathrow as per planned, at about 5.25 am. Total 13 hours 20 minutes journey.

If you are a Malaysian, you will need to fill in the landing card to enter the UK. Words of advise to have a smooth process:
1) Fill in the landing card in full the moment you receive them in airplane
2) Have the details of your trip ready, especially your UK accommodation details, and the details of the person you plan to stay with in the UK (if any)
3) Be as ‘kiasu’ as possible to go out of the plane when landed. The que can get super long (as per below picture):


Once you’re done with the UK Border, pick up your luggage and buy an Oyster card for your London travels. Really help to save on your journeys!

Public transportation is comprehensive in London. Just need some time to familiarise, and voila, you will be hoping that your country have the same transportation system!

That’s all for now. Will continue to write about our trip in the next entry. Bye!

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Movies with Love!

Hi again!

It’s been such a loooooong time since our last update. We pretty much want to get back on track for our coming September trip! Woohoo! And we also have 1 getaway trip this month end. Hope being well-disciplined in blogging by then!

Well, there’s so much that we want to share: Our September trip planning, places surveyed for December family gathering, August long weekend getaway plans, etc (it sounds like everything is about travelling, lol!). But yeah, there are others that we’re keen to share too: things learn at job (a couple coming from Supply Chain & Engineering really have loads to tell!), family well-being & progress, cooking & baking, photography, etc.

But of course, again we stopped our post in draft, and left it unpublished for a while until today. Let’s just read our post in Europe trip. See ya!