Our Family Hiking Experience at Bukit Besi

We recently went on a hiking trip with our preschooler to Bukit Besi, and it was an incredible experience that we will cherish forever. Though we did not hike until the summit, it was still an amazing adventure that we thoroughly enjoyed.

The trail starts with an uphill walk via the paved road

Using the AllTrails app to navigate, we set out on our hike with our little one, eager to explore the beautiful surroundings. Initially, we were unable to find the trail using Komoot app, so we were grateful to have the AllTrails app to guide us.

Once you reach here, turn left to the forest trail!

As we made our way through the lush green forests, we were constantly amazed by the stunning scenery that surrounded us. Our son was thrilled to be outdoors and kept pointing out various plants, animals and insects that he saw along the way.

The trail was nice ❤️
Every forest looks unique to us
Hiking with a clear sky 🌌

Though we did not hike until the summit, we found several viewpoints that offered breathtaking views of the city. The vistas were simply breathtaking, and we took several breaks to sit and admire the scenery.

One of the things that we appreciated most about the hike was the fact that it was not too challenging for our little one. While there were some parts that require using rope due to many rocks and the top part of the hike seemed to be a bit too challenging for preschoolers, there were still plenty of areas that were perfect for families with young children. However, do bear in mind that our preschooler has went for hiking since he was 2.5 years old, so I wouldn’t say it is a good place to bring if your little one is a beginner, but a good one if she already has some experience.

Pure happiness 🥰

Overall, we had an incredible experience hiking at Bukit Besi with our preschooler. The trail was easy to follow with the help of the AllTrails app, and the scenery was absolutely stunning. We highly recommend this hiking trail to anyone looking for a fun and family-friendly outdoor adventure.