How To Have A Perfect Road Trip In Europe

Renting a car is one of the best options to consider in Europe, especially if you are travelling with a baby or toddler, and to multiple countries.

For one, it is cheaper, if you are travelling in a group, and can share out the expenses.

Secondly, cheap travels such as busses & coaches sometimes require you to bring your own car seat, which is quite a hassle to bring in a 13-hour flight with a 1-year old toddler.

Here are the tips for renting car in Europe, especially for Malaysians!

1. Malaysian Driving License Vs International Driving License

Our Malaysian Driving License are usually accepted. However, it’s best to do a research on the countries you’ll be driving beforehand. For instance, France required an International Driving License issued by JPJ Malaysia.

The International Driving License is also very easy to apply if you already have a Malaysian Driving License. Just go to the nearest JPJ & say that we need an international driving license. There will be a fee paid. You will usually get your international driving license within the same day.

2. Book Your Car & Car Insurance Online Through Car Rental Brokers

For one, it is always save time & money to book your car online. You may find various options, and may even compare the costs between car rental companies. If you rent a car through car rental brokers, the choice is even wider!

Many car rental brokers offer insurance to be bought together with the car rental. It is highly advisable to get the fully-covered insurance, as we will never know what will happen (and how much expenses to be incurred) in rainy days. However, the choice is all yours!

Insurance that is bought online are said to be cheaper than those bought at the car rental company’s counter, so it may save your pennies!

You will need to declare if you plan to drive outside the car rental’s country.

If you plan to pick up and drop off the rented car at different locations, there will be an extra charge called “one way fee”, which differs between companies. This needs even more research and comparisons.

If you pick up or drop off your rented car at airports, there are usually “airport charge”.

However, do take note that there will be a few things that need to be paid locally, such as deposits and infant car seats. Again, the charges differs between companies, so do your research thoroughly!

Also, please do read all the fine prints. Certain companies have “miles restrictions “, while others don’t!

It is required to receive & return the rented car with full tank.

3. Driver’s Credit Card


It is key requirement that drivers bring their credit card together for deposits and other things that need to be paid locally.

4. Driving Opposite Side of the Road

Be prepared to drive on the left side of the road in countries such as Netherlands, Belgium & France, while driving on the right sight of the road in the UK! Flexibility is the key to drive in Europe.

5. Online & Offline Maps & Address

In an era of Waze, Google, pocket Wi-Fi and the likes, always expect the unexpected. Signal loss and data problem are real, people!

If it happens to u, and you don’t have an offline map, relax. Stop somewhere nearby and look for any local internet. Or just kill time while waiting for your pocket Wi-Fi to refresh quota. Travel needs to be stress-free!

Hope these tips will help you to plan your European road trip wisely! 🙂