Movies with Love!

Hi again!

It’s been such a loooooong time since our last update. We pretty much want to get back on track for our coming September trip! Woohoo! And we also have 1 getaway trip this month end. Hope being well-disciplined in blogging by then!

Well, there’s so much that we want to share: Our September trip planning, places surveyed for December family gathering, August long weekend getaway plans, etc (it sounds like everything is about travelling, lol!). But yeah, there are others that we’re keen to share too: things learn at job (a couple coming from Supply Chain & Engineering really have loads to tell!), family well-being & progress, cooking & baking, photography, etc.

But of course, again we stopped our post in draft, and left it unpublished for a while until today. Let’s just read our post in Europe trip. See ya!

Lovely Sunday

Yesterday was quite a day well spent for us.

The day started with a relax, breakfast + movie-watching at the living room. We never thought a 1987 Robocop movie will be so engaging!

Then we cut off some branches of our Rambutan tree. It has become too big. Here are some pictures of Yusof at work (because Shafa just hold the chair :p) :




Later on after Zuhur prayers, we went for a lunch at Kenny Rogers Paradigm Mall to reward ourselves. And to our surprise, Ayon & Kak Nasrah was there with the kids! We got to play with lovely Amna for a while. 🙂


After enjoying some brief moments with the kids, we went for our monthly grocery shopping at Tesco. Since we still have stocks for most of the items, we’re just replenishing the items used everyday. Saved!

We also went for a movie after maghrib prayers, but will further review on that movie in the next entry. 🙂

Hello World!!!

Hey everyone!

It’s our first ever entry as a couple, and we are so excited! Together we want to show the world that the world is a fascinating place, even if it’s just 5 minutes from home.

Combining our passion in writing & photography, we aspire to share our interest in every little thing with you. 🙂

See you in upcoming entries!!