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Hi again!

It’s been such a loooooong time since our last update. We pretty much want to get back on track for our coming September trip! Woohoo! And we also have 1 getaway trip this month end. Hope being well-disciplined in blogging by then!

Well, there’s so much that we want to share: Our September trip planning, places surveyed for December family gathering, August long weekend getaway plans, etc (it sounds like everything is about travelling, lol!). But yeah, there are others that we’re keen to share too: things learn at job (a couple coming from Supply Chain & Engineering really have loads to tell!), family well-being & progress, cooking & baking, photography, etc.

But of course, again we stopped our post in draft, and left it unpublished for a while until today. Let’s just read our post in Europe trip. See ya!