5 Top Things to do at Walt Disney World Florida

We’ve never met anyone who hasn’t had a bucket list for travels. Even if it’s local, or just a few hours worth of travel time, friends/family and strangers can be heard saying how they have a dozen places or more that they’ve dreamed of traveling to. Personally, we have dozens of destinations on our travel list. Yes, this includes both near and far destinations but on the larger scale of things, our most fantasized about locations are many thousands of miles from my hometown. We’ve dreamed of worldwide travel since our childhood.

In fact, one of our most desired places to visit is Walt Disney World, which most known is located in none other than sunny, Florida! Although we’ve been longing for pristine beaches, shady palm trees, quaint beach side eateries and marine life, we can’t deny that a day filled with pure Disney magic & fun has been beckoning to us as well. Walt Disney World has long been called the most magical place on earth, and with all of the spirit of childhood dreams & experiences meant to stay with visitors for a lifetime, it has more than earned its reputation over the last 40+ years since its grand opening.

Although we have yet to cross Disney World off of our ever growing bucket list, we know a few who have and had so many delightful stories to tell. From my loved ones and even those we’re just meeting, the stories of things they want to experience when they visit are endless. This is why we’ve decided to compile our own list of top things to do at Walt Disney World, should our day ever come to sprinkle ourselves in Pixie Dust and explore every nook & cranny of the most magical place on earth. We hope that for those who have never experienced Walt Disney, our list helps inspire them to either make or add new experiences to their list of things to do; for those of our readers who have made the trip, we hope our list can hold up to the true experience you’ve gotten to live!

1. Character Meet & Greet.

This might be something that is best suited for little ones but to be honest, meeting the Disney Characters that have brought magic into our lives as well as countless others, is among the first things we’ll be doing if we ever make it through the gates of Disney World! Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Peter Pan, Ariel and more can be found around the park (check your map so you don’t miss scheduled meet ups!) waiting for you with a hug and eager to hand out autographs.

Visitors can also schedule FastPasses to be able to schedule a meetup with multiple characters at once, like Anna & Elsa. Meeting your favorite characters will require dedication and research but if you’re a true Disney fan it’ll be worth the leg work.

2. The famed Fireworks show.

Who doesn’t love a good fireworks display? We know we certainly do! If you’ve heard about the character meetups before, then you’ve definitely heard words about the world famous fireworks shows at Disney World. The best part about this spectacular shows is that there’s more than one so you’re guaranteed to witness one or the other or both if you’re paying attention/plan accordingly.

You can catch the formal shows that are done in specific areas of the park or you can catch the standing view shows that are done park-wide, featuring dazzling fireworks & an accompanying parade. If you can’t bear to settle for second best, we’ve heard that the show you want to be at can be found within Magic Kingdom, at the Happily Ever Show. Living out your childhood dreams at Walt Disney World will be topped off by the iconic Disney castle coming to life with animation, story, and song to tell some of your favorite character stories.

3. Grab a seat and Be Our Guest.

As a die hard Beauty and the Beast fan, this is one experience that Shafa can’t pass up, no matter what experience try to dazzle her along the way. We’ll have to be sure to make our reservation well in advance because as we’ve heard it be told, it’s almost impossible to get a dinner reservation unless it’s done with plenty of planning beforehand. Lunch is easier to get into, however it isn’t exactly the full experience we’re dying for.

4. Dine Around the World.

This particular feature of Disney is able to be experienced by both adults and children. Celebrated in Epcot (another park within Disney) visitors can experience the wonders of food around the world or popular adult beverages from France, Germany, etc. You won’t walk away disappointed or with an empty stomach, that’s for sure!

5. Calling Avatar fans!

We know we should have mentioned more about rides and dining options in my earlier 4 top things to do a Walt Disney World BUT we couldn’t pass this one up. If you’ve ever seen the film, Avatar, then you know you absolutely have to have to experience Pandora – the World of Avatar, for yourself. Visitors can experience 3-D rides such as Flight of Passage, wander though the floating mountains or go on to dine at vegetarian friendly restaurant locations inspired by the movie.

    Like we said, we know we should have talked more about rides, food, etc. but from our own bucket list and those we’ve spoken to about their own experiences, the top 5 had spoken to us. Our research also led us to so many other noteworthy things to do within Walt Disney World, but maybe our readers will get a part 2 to the Top 5 Things to do at Walt Disney World, in the near future!


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