Attraction Review: The Habitat Penang Hill

The Habitat Penang Hill is a must-visit destination for families with young children and seniors looking for a fun and educational experience. Nestled in the heart of the Penang Hill forest, this eco-tourism attraction offers an immersive and interactive adventure that is both exciting and educational.

Shafa’s mom & Yusof’s happy, welcome look 😁

As a family with a toddler and a senior citizen, we were delighted with the range of activities that The Habitat had to offer. The highlight of our trip was the Nature Trail, which is a guided walk through the forest. Our toddler was fascinated by the sights and sounds of the forest, while our senior family member was impressed with the knowledgeable guide who shared interesting facts about the flora and fauna.

Another highlight of The Habitat is the Canopy Walk, which is a suspended bridge that spans across the treetops. Although it can be a little nerve-wracking for those with a fear of heights, the walk is a thrilling experience that provides a unique perspective on the forest.

Our toddler always leads the way!
Shafa’s mom seems happy!
It’s a long (and high) walk!

Next was the Curtis Crest Treetop Walk. The Treetop Walk is a 13m HIGHEST PUBLIC viewing platform located on the plateau just above the Mid-Point Rest Area and Museum. Designed to handle up to 120 people at a time, it offers mesmerizing 360-degree views of Penang, including George Town, and serves as the highest public viewing point on the island. On a clear day the islands of Langkawi can be seen in the distance.

The guide was kind enough to take our family photo 🥰

Overall, we highly recommend The Habitat Penang Hill to families with young children and seniors. The attraction is well-maintained, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The range of activities on offer ensures that there is something for everyone, and the educational aspect of the experience makes it a worthwhile visit. If you’re planning a family trip to Penang, The Habitat is a must-visit destination.

Note: The visit was before the COVID-19 virus takes in. As parents of a toddler who are also living with an elderly, we do advise you to adhere to the government rules and guidelines by the Health Ministry. As a travel advocate, we definitely will help you to dream and plan for your next travel by feeding you with our travel write ups. Stay safe and be positive!

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