Best Ideas For Camping in The US

Camping is a fun and exciting recreational activity. There are multiple ways that you can enjoy camping, depending on your level of comfort and outdoor experience. Here are some of our favorites.

State parks are ideal for camping. Because the state manages them, they are generally well maintained and easily accessible. You do have to pay to enter a state park, but the price of admission is well worth it. In addition to camping, many state parks are near natural wonders such as lakes, mountains, or rivers. Your list of activities will often include hiking, fishing, swimming or learning about new wildlife. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop and pick up a souvenir!

Campground parks are another camping option. Many are run by a national for-profit organization, so they are interested in your repeat business. That means they’re usually well maintained and staffed by knowledgeable people able to help direct you to any fun events or don’t-miss activities in the area. Campground parks typically have more amenities than state parks, with showers, laundry rooms, and cooking areas. Some may have pools and places where you can connect to the internet or play games.

While most of us imagine camping to be something that you do out in the woods, many camping areas are located near beaches or in areas where you can enjoy the natural scenery. Some of these camping areas may be privately owned, and you should plan ahead of time to see if reservations are necessary and space is available.

Of course, if you’re just starting out on your camping adventures, you may want to start in your own backyard. Having adventures in your backyard is a great way to introduce kids to camping, and provides you with the opportunity to test your gear. Trust me-you don’t want to realize you need a hammer for your tent stakes at 8:30 in the evening while it’s raining and the kids are crying. When you’re camping in the back yard, you’ve got a failsafe ‘Plan B’ in place in case your equipment fails or someone isn’t comfortable. For some families, they camped in the backyard for about three months before the younger kids could make it all the way through the night. Their first night could almost be called a disaster, as they had crying and scared kiddos who almost didn’t want to give it a second chance the following weekend!

Camping gives you the opportunity to be out experiencing nature. While the location is important, finding the perfect spot isn’t always about the beautiful scenery or the amenities to be found at the campground. Sometimes, the perfect spot is just about where you can enjoy each other’s company while you’re looking at the stars!